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Finally, a focus on the tactics and activities that drive sales

SquareWheel is a digital-focused, full service marketing agency. We help growth-minded companies utilize the full power of content, automation and conversion.

Happy Clients

"We came to SquareWheel for help on a quick-turnaround Hubspot implementation. Since then they’ve become true partners, helping us build great content and optimizing the ROI of our digital marketing investment."

Monika Wingate, CEO & Founder at Digsite

"SquareWheel has helped us significantly enhance our digital marketing capabilities across multiple properties and channels. From our website to our blog to our eBook - which we absolutely love - we couldn't be happier with the work they've done."

AlexAnndra Ontra, Founder & Head of Sales at Shufflrr

"The SquareWheel team proved to be essential for the community effort known as Stamford Innovation Week. We never imagined over 2000+ attendees; their approach touched so many people in such a short time."

Sam Gordon, Leader of Stamford Innovation Places

The New Agency

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The modern, metrics-conscious agency is very different by design. We have to perform across perspectives and ideas both old and new. From branding, copy, and creative to technology and automation, SquareWheel delivers everywhere that it truly matters.

Big Thinking & Actionable Ideas

Growth Hacking: What It Is and How It Helps Businesses Succeed

Have you heard of the home-renting company Airbnb? What about the file hosting service Dropbox? Both of these companies are huge now, but back in 2007, it was a different story. Airbnb and Dropbox were simply startups trying to grow their brand and. . .


Organic & Paid Marketing: Working Together to Help You Grow

In an increasingly competitive business world, paid and organic marketing work hand-in-hand to help businesses attract new customers and increase conversions.


20 Reasons Why Your Business Isn't Growing

It seems like we hear it everywhere we go online as marketers: It’s all about growth. In a world full of growth hackers, growth strategies, ebooks, articles and listicles, there’s no shortage of people or ideas out there. Despite all the success stories . . .


The New Golden Marketing Mix

Shareworthy Content

Website Conversion

Targeted Online Ads

Automated Follow-up

Engaging Social Media

Thought Leadership

Targeted Social Ads

Personalized Email


SquareWheel’s marketing automation technology ensures that your brand and message is consistent and compelling – wherever your customers experience it.

Powerful Partners

SquareWheel leverages the most powerful technologies available today: