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Square Wheel marries market-changing ideas to digital best practices. We apply world-class expertise in marketing, communications and getting stuff done to overcome challenges and achieve ambition.

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Josh helps companies rethink how they connect with their clients and manage their businesses in the rapidly changing digital economy.

A whiteboard maestro, he wants to know what your business challenges are, and work with you to solve them.

With over 21 years experience in marketing and communications, Rich is an expert in understanding and responding to fast-changing factors that shape contemporary marketing efforts. His experience offers SquareWheel clients a strategic insight that applies the most successful digital and traditional strategies, from the healthcare world to consumer companies battling for share.

His attention to detail and obsessive focus on the customer ensures that SquareWheel delivers on time and on budget.

Chris brings the B2B, branding, and messaging power to the SquareWheel team. As a distinguished marketing leader at high-growth technology companies Chris has built entire brands.

Jonathan has lead transformative marketing efforts that take companies and brands from stagnant to digital-forward. As the creator of Objective Marketing, Jonathan drives the process and methodology behind marketing brilliance.

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