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There are thousands of audience building, engagement and conversion techniques. Figuring out where to start can feel even more challenging than running the campaign itself. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and distilled the top 20 growth tactics.

These handpicked hacks were recently featured in our live growth hacking battle. Once you’ve read our eBook version, we’d love to know; which tactics and techniques reign supreme?

Growth-Focused Agency

Marketing and sales success is built on experience, testing, and iteration. SquareWheel brings all three. By combining big-thinking with small, validating check-ins we enable you to reach your goals faster and more efficiently.


SquareWheel proprietary planning methodology, Objective Marketing, incorporates that latest thinking in organizational performance and collaboration. Starting with your top-level business goals, SquareWheel builds backwards to ensure that all activities are focused on and measured against top-level business objectives. SquareWheel consultants are experts in implementing all of this from the perspective of people, process, and technology.


Compelling content engages your visitors, prospects and customers. Combining engagement with data-informed conversion points, workflows and automated follow up lays the foundation for a truly scalable sales funnel.


“Open” platforms like your website, blogs, social media accounts are great sources of traffic and potential customers. There is both art and science to positioning your messages for discovery on any platform. By utilizing quick successions of small tests we can help you scale to a large, optimized program.

Paid Media

From high-intent searches to programmatic display ads to sponsored content paid media can bring huge volumes of traffic and leads. In many industries influencers and sponsored content can reign supreme for sending quality traffic to your website or landing pages.


Technology plays a key role in driving lead generation and revenue. From front-end to app development, SquareWheel brings forward to “under-the-hood” power needed to convert ideas into experiences.

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