Jonathan Winkel

Jonathan has lead transformative marketing efforts that take companies and brands from stagnant to digital-forward. As the creator of Objective Marketing, Jonathan drives the process and methodology behind marketing brilliance.

Josh Fedeli

Josh helps companies rethink how they connect with their clients and manage their businesses in the rapidly changing digital economy. A whiteboard maestro, he wants to know what your business challenges are, and work with you to solve them.

Brianna McEwan

Brianna, after Starbucks, focuses on project and account management. But not before that. She’s SquareWheel’s rising content star and crafts awesome eBooks and blog posts.

Jonathan Harrington

Jonathon is our go-to expert in developing content for clients and in-house. Jonathan utilizes dynamic tools and programs to create flyers and web graphics to optimize aesthetic.

Princess Bustos

Princess’ love of design is present in everything she does and touches. She manages and guides the SquareWheel brand online and provides our clients with awesome digital design. She recently went to Canada.

Jake Cohn

It’s Jake, Jake from State Farm — Who is this, what are you wearing?!?!

Chelsea Kryger

How often should I post on Social Media? What should I post? Which social media channels should I use? Believe it or not, there actually is someone who knows the answers to these questions. Chelsea.

Ryan Fisher

“Fisher” as we call him is a full stack front-end-focused developer that helps our clients unify their message, creative and digital experiences. From speedy page builds to immersive, interactive experiences, Fisher’s got you covered!